Our services

We specialise in helping publishers and content owners ingest, enrich and manage their content and we use enriched content to deliver innovative digital products. We build automated enrichment systems, delivery applications and editorial tools and we formulate and implement content enrichment strategies. 

We provide services in the following areas:

Services for publishers

The publishing industry continues to respond to rapidly evolving digital technologies, and the pace of change shows no sign of slowing. These disruptive technologies are creating new business opportunities, customer behaviour is changing and new business models are being introduced. 67 Bricks provides software development and consulting services to help publishers gain the maximum benefit from this changing environment. Learn more.

Services for regulations, compliance and standards

All organisations need to comply with the standards and regulations that apply to their industry. We work with those who help organisations to achieve compliance with standards and regulations, and to remain compliant as those standards and regulations are updated. Learn more.


We provide consultancy services in:

  • Software architecture
  • Content enrichment strategy
  • Research

Software development

We provide software development services in:

  • Systems analysis
  • Systems development
  • Project management and project leadership
  • Business analysis
  • Visual design


We have built products for the standards, regulations and compliance industry. Learn more.

Our consultants and developers have extensive experience and expertise in delivering content enrichment solutions. See our case studies for examples of how we have provided our services to academic publishers and regulations and standards bodies.

News and Events

Our new partnerships, awards, product launches, successful projects, and more.

Enriched content. Delivered.

We help publishers enrich content and deliver innovative information products.