The publishing industry continues to respond to rapidly evolving digital technologies, and the pace of change shows no sign of slowing. These disruptive technologies are creating new business opportunities, customer behaviour is changing and new business models are being introduced. 67 Bricks provides software development and consulting services to help publishers gain the maximum benefit from this changing environment.

As digital publishing matures the industry is moving from producing books and journals online to providing information online in a variety of different forms, for consumption in different contexts through a multitude of devices and by different audiences. This makes for challenges such as:

  • How to maintain authority, quality and remain distinctive when similar information is available from multiple sources
  • How to add value to existing content now that information is becoming commoditised
  • How to structure the information provided to customers is a format that fits with their own systems and workflows
  • How to adapt traditional business models to this changing environment
  • How to change from a workflow designed for producing books and journals at fixed intervals to a workflow designed from a constant stream of up-to-date information – without sacrificing quality
  • How to remain cost effective when publishing ever increasing amounts of content in a timely fashion

We work for large global publishers and smaller niche publishers looking to change how they process, manage and deliver content to take advantage of emerging opportunities and meet new challenges in the publishing world.