RedlinePro Features and benefits

Simple, automated upload process

RedlinePro minimises the effort required to upload documents to be compared.


RedlinePro integrates with your existing online delivery systems or can be a stand-alone product for your customers.

Smart automated comparisons

Documents are compared to identify the mappings between clauses and the inline changes in the document to give the user the level of detail required.


Customise the application to appear in any language and in multiple languages.

Upload standards as Word or XML files

You can load documents into RedlinePro in either Word or XML format. Documents can be loaded manually via an administration interface or automated via a watched folder.

Make it easy for your customers to understand what has changed

Enable users to view changes inline or sid-by-side and display change flags next to each clause. Users can quickly understand where changes have occurred and what has changed. The system uses colour coding to help users locate and understand the changes.

Manage documents being compared

RedlinePro gives you an easy to use administration interface to manage the documents that you have loaded in to the system. You can check the documents that have been loaded, review the mappings between documents and publish redline versions when they are ready.

Integrate with your existing systems

RedlinePro is designed to integrate with your existing systems. Your users will be able to view redline versions from your subscription / licensing platform, from your shop or in your standalone standards products.

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