MSS Features and benefits

Make it easy for your customers to understand how requirements have changed

Enable users to view a detailed mapping between the current and previous versions of the standard, and to view the current version of the clause alongside all of the clauses from the previous version of the standard that have been mapped to it. 

Manage the transition to the new version of the standard

User friendly workflow tools to help customers track their compliance to the new version of the standard. Users can set the status of their organisations compliance for each clause and they can assign clauses to individual users within their organisation.

Simple customer administration

customers can sign up for trial licenses and register their interest in purchasing a license for their organisation. System administrators can manage licenses via an easy to use browser based admin interface.

Business benefits

MSS provides a very user friendly way of presenting radical structural changes that have been made between versions of an important standard. This is a fundamental requirement for standards users, whose workflows depend upon these standards. Providing a clear, user friendly way to understand the implications of major changes can bring you closer to your customers, improve the value of your existing systems, make you a more important provider of information to your customers and help you increase the revenue you earn from standards.

Integration options

MSS has been designed to be a standalone product or to integrate with your existing online delivery systems to provide additional value to your customers. You can integrate it with a subscription / licensing platform, an online shop, stand-alone online products or it can be made available as a stand-alone application.
The system can be configured and visually branded so that integration with an existing online system is seamless for the end user.

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If you would like more information please contact us using the contact details. We would be happy to give you a demo and talk about how MSS can help you achieve your organisation’s business objectives.

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