Our work

Our clients are academic publishers and information providers in standards, regulations and compliance. These case studies illustrate ways in which we have worked with clients to increase the value of their data, strengthen user engagement, deliver new sources of revenue, and create more efficient workflows.

Advancing discovery and open science with the SmartFigures Lab

Read about our work with EMBO and Wiley as part of the award-winning SourceData project
Read the SmartFigures Lab case study

Content Matchmaker at SAGE Publishing

Find out about our work with SAGE Publishing to improve the quality of engagement between the sales team and their institutional customers
Read the SAGE Content Matchmaker case study

Using semantic enrichment to drive the world’s first regulatory change management platform

Read about our work with JWG to deliver RegDelta, a state of the art, semantic regulatory platform
Read the RegDelta case study

Implementation of content enrichment at Wiley

Learn more about how we implemented content enrichment as a core capability at Wiley
Read the Wiley case study

Drug Interactions at Pharmaceutical Press

Creation of a fast and reliable system to create and manage structured drug interactions content
Read the Pharmaceutical Press case study

Revolutionising public standards review at the British Standards Institute

Find out about our work with the British Standards Institute
Read the British Standards Institute case study

Content creation, storage and enrichment capabilities at CABI

How 67 Bricks helped CABI with the implementation of new content creation, storage and enrichment capabilities
Read the CABI case study

The smart article

We worked with Wiley on The Smart Article - chemistry content enrichment and QA
Read the Smart Article case study

ISRCTN registry

Redevelopment of the ISRCTN registry of clinical trials at Springer (BioMed Central)
Read the ISRCTN registry case study


Supporting healthcare systems via terminology services at CSW
Read the CSW case study


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