Content Enrichment Industry Insights

Number 4 (2017)

Welcome to our last issue of Content Enrichment Industry Insights for 2017. Short but informative, our insights delve into how content enrichment is playing a major part in publishers' workflows and what publishing organisations, vendors and suppliers are doing in this space. We also share our expertise and experience on the technology and software and how these can help meet the evolving needs of modern publishers.

2017 - The year of AI in publishing?

At 67 Bricks we attended a number of industry events this year and the most consistently debated topic has been Artificial Intelligence and how this will impact the publishing community. In September our client services director Sam Herbert took part in an ALPSP panel discussion entitled ‘Artificial intelligence has arrived, but are we ready?’, and in October our publishing consultant David Leeming took part in a panel discussion at the Frankfurt Bookfair looking at practical examples of AI in the publishing industry today. In addition many other events and panel discussions have taken place. Here are some links to a selection of them:

AI in news journalism

The Associated Press, a US based news agency, uses AI to write news items. They started with a trial to see how a computer would compare to a team of journalists in the area of corporate earnings reporting. It turns out that the AI could create 10 times as many news items and, more interestingly, it increased quality. This is an area of reporting that is ripe for automation. It requires speed and accuracy, but it does not require any significant insight or novel thought. Other news providers are also moving into this area using AI to report on sports and local events. Whilst the technology is currently limited in scope we think it will probably start to have an impact in areas of publishing outside of journalism.

Read more about the robot journalists here.
The Washington Post's robot reporter has published 850 articles in the past year. Find out more here.

ICLR launches new content delivery platform

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR) successfully launched its new flagship platform of case law this September. Built and delivered by 67 Bricks it has radically reshaped ICLR’s presence on the web. The site brings together diverse content sources into a single interface with intuitive Google-like search over a highly complex dataset. Usage has soared and early user feedback is good. For more information visit

Using machine learning to help sales teams engage with customers

SAGE asked 67 Bricks to create a working prototype tool that takes descriptive text such as the syllabus of an educational course, a special issue or a research area and returns a list of related SAGE content relevant to that text. Developed in just 6 weeks, the resulting Content Matchmaker is robust and is being actively used, not only by the sales team to create tailored value reports for customers, but also by the marketing and editorial teams. For more information, take a look at the case study at:

LexisNexis trials chatbots for delivering legal information

LexisNexis is trialling the use of chatbots to help its customers find the legal content they are interested in. They are exploring how to provide a discovery experience that is not driven by typing keywords into a search box. If this is successful it could lead the way for other information providers to provide more interactive information discovery experiences. Read the news article.

In 2017 we celebrated our 10th anniversary of building data and content solutions for the information industry. As the year draws to a close we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and partners who have helped us to reach this milestone and to wish all of our readers the very best for the holiday season and a happy and prosperous 2018. Thanks for reading.

From David and the 67 Bricks team.

67 Bricks specialise in helping publishers ingest, enrich and manage content and we use enriched content to deliver innovative digital products. We felt it was good to share our insights gained through our work and hope you find this beneficial. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Find out more at