Content Enrichment Industry Insights

Number 2 (2017)

Welcome to this issue of Content Enrichment Industry Insights. Short but informative, our insights delve into how content enrichment is playing a major part in publishers' workflows and what publishing organisations, vendors and suppliers are doing in this space. We also share our expertise and experience on the technology and software and how these can help meet the evolving needs of modern publishers.

Interested in content enrichment but confused by all the jargon? Our jargon buster can help!

Content enrichment comes with a number of terms that need some clarification. We have put together our definitions of the relevant terms and how they relate to content enrichment. Read our jargon buster.

Enriching the author experience

Publishers need to offer services to authors to encourage them to publish in their journals. We are seeing a growing number of hubs and platforms specifically aimed at the authors.

Some examples of publishers now offering author services are:

In addition to the services and tools that assist the author and researcher we believe that publishers who are implementing content enrichment capabilities at this early stage of the workflow can gain added value through production efficiencies, marketing and editorial insights, and providing greater discoverability to the content. For example, extracting key terms and phrases from the submitted manuscript to assign classifications and keywords can be used to build content collections or offer personalised reading suggestions to users. Learn more about content enrichment.

Tools to help authors

A number of tools exist on the market that help authors in their research and in particular to write manuscripts and manage research reading.

A few examples of tools that use machine learning techniques to provide assist the author in their research work are:

This is just a small sample of the growing number on the market. Tools for assisting the author when writing the manuscript include:


Content Enrichment: an essential strategic capability for every publisher

We’re pleased to announce the publication of our latest white paper which outlines the benefits to be gained when publishers introduce content enrichment to their business processes as a strategic capability.

To celebrate the launch Sam Herbert, our Client Services Director, was invited to write a guest blog for ALPSP, which you can read here.

Machine learning and AI in publishing

As interest and development in machine learning and AI continues to grow, here are a couple of insights on how AI and machine learning are being utilised in the publishing domain.

Using artificial intelligence to analyse biomedical research data, Quertle deliver an artificial intelligence visual analytics platform. Learn more about Quertle.

An article from Wired on the growing discussion on how far AI will develop and possibly be used in the peer review process. Read the article on Wired.

67 Bricks have been asked to present on machine learning possibilities for the publishing industry and we would be happy to discuss this topic further with you. For more information please contact us.

Thanks for reading. If you would like more information on any of the topics mentioned above or to discuss your own challenges in the areas content enrichment, AI or machine learning please get in touch.

From David and the 67 Bricks team.

67 Bricks specialise in helping publishers ingest, enrich and manage content and we use enriched content to deliver innovative digital products. We felt it was good to share our insights gained through our work and hope you find this beneficial. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Find out more at