About us

67 Bricks is a software development consultancy. We specialise in helping publishers ingest, enrich and manage content and we use enriched content to deliver innovative digital products. We build automated enrichment systems, delivery applications and editorial tools and we formulate and implement content enrichment strategies.

Founded in 2007 by Sam Herbert and Inigo Surguy, and based in Oxford, 67 Bricks builds content and data systems that help information companies achieve their strategic business objectives. Read our 10 year anniversary interview to find out more about the origins of our company.

Our approach

We work in partnership with our customers – we will work to understand your business needs, and work with you to provide the best possible solutions for your problems.

We are not afraid to propose alternative solutions that you have not yet considered. Because we build long-term relationships with our customers, we can think about your problems holistically, and find solutions that build towards your longer term goals as well as solving your immediate issues.

We use iterative development and an agile approach in our consultancy and software development, which is built on understanding our customers’ needs and ensuring that there is a constant flow of communication. Read about our software development process and our technologies.

Our expertise

We help publishers develop processes, systems and delivery channels that support more agile and flexible production workflows, increase the value of legacy and new content, increase revenues from existing channels, enable better reuse of content and deliver revenues from new digital products.

We are experts in semantic content enrichment, linked data, XML technologies, implementing content enrichment approaches, developing enriched content delivery applications, processing Word documents, and NoSQL databases.

Our people

Our team takes pride in writing elegant code and producing solutions that really work.

Our technologies

We pride ourselves in being technology leaders.

For each project we select the most appropriate technologies to deliver the best fit solution for our client. We utilise existing components where possible and develop bespoke components where we can add the most value.

XML tools

XML forms the basis of a large number of e-publishing platforms and is at the core of most of the projects we work on. Our developers are experienced with a range of XML tools including XSLT, XML Schema, RELAX NG, and XQuery; and a range of XML platforms including MarkLogic, X-Hive Docato, Apache Cocoon, Oracle BDBXML and eXist.

Semantic content enrichment technologies

We see the emergence of the Semantic Web as a powerful way to get more value from data. Our developers have experience with ontologies and topic maps, as well as developing RDF and SPARQL based systems. Director Inigo Surguy has spoken at numerous conferences on Semantic Web topics.

Extracting information from office documents

Large amounts of data are held within office documents in most businesses. We provide expertise and experience in extracting and utilising this information. We have software components that extract data from office documents and make it available in other formats.


Technology platform

We select the most appropriate operating system, programming language and supporting technologies to fit the business need of the client. Our technical staff are highly competent and are capable of working in most technology environments.

Our developers are experts in Java, .NET and Scala. We develop systems for Windows, Linux and Unix platforms.

News and Events

Our new partnerships, awards, product launches, successful projects, and more.