Early days - big decisions

Early days - big decisions

It is exciting to be here now. Inigo and I have been discussing setting up a business for many months. We came up with an idea that utilised our skills, had revenue potential and most importantly we were both very excited about.

“Deriving value from existing information using the Semantic Web”

This ties together Inigo’s strengths in software development, my experience in running high performance teams and our joint interest in how people, information and technology come together. We believe that in certain industry sectors the key success factor is, and will become more so, the ability of a company to derive value from the knowledge its staff has access to. We want to help companies understand how to do this.

We decided that if we were planning to do this for others then we should also do this for ourselves. We are going to practice what we preach. We also plan to document this process as we go so that others can gain as much as possible from our journey.

One area we are looking into developing is a community of interest for colleagues and family and friends who are keen to support our new venture. Communities of practice and communities of interest are solutions we will be discussing with clients to support knowledge sharing.

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